quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Ninguém merece? Ou merece?

Vídeo para reflexão no Aleta Total - www.alertatotal.net

Para guardar na memória, reveja sempre o criativo "comercial":
Governo Lula: Corrupção, incompetencia e dissimulação.

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Anônimo disse...

E se você acordar de manhã e não existir mais sistema financeiro?

May 20, 2010 (LPAC)—"While the U.S. Congress, especially the Senate, is being tied up with all kinds of silliness," Lyndon LaRouche said today, "the fact of the matter is that a warning shot for the dissolution of the entire world financial system has already taken place. The world as a whole stands on the edge of a sudden, overnight collapse, which will make the 1,000 point drop in the Dow Jones on May 6 look like a small perturbation. We could wake up one morning, and find that we have no financial system at all—an instant plunge into a New Dark Age."

"The immediate key to this situation is the derivatives. The derivatives markets must be shut down now!"

"German Chancellor Merkel, with her sovereign ban on parts of the derivatives market as of May 19, has done the right thing, acting to protect her nation from the devastation of the speculators," LaRouche added. "The U.S. government must be forced to take the same action, immediately."


Anônimo disse...

Cadê o famigerado do Paloffi???

Esperança disse...

Serrão, aproveita e publica este também